Every community needs a remembering place …

We all need a place that tells our stories, through artifacts, through our dreams. A place that shares how our community came to be what it is today and why we live the way we do. We also need a place that inspires us to keep our story going.

The Heritage Museum at the Priscilla U. Byrns Center is our remembering place in St. Joseph, Michigan. The museum houses our area’s history, its artifacts and archival collections and a research library in a historic building along Main Street. Carefully preserved and beautifully appointed, it presents our stories in spacious exhibit halls and creates new memories in elegant banquet facilities.

Every person’s story is important and because we believe sharing these stories is just as important, admission is free to everyone. Come journey into our past, gain a deeper understanding of our present and thrill at the possibilities for the future. If we can become part of your life’s special events, please contact us. We would be privileged to weave your chapter into ours.

2015 marks 50 years of preserving our area’s story

In 1965, a visionary group of men and women founded the Fort Miami Heritage Society. The organization took its name from a French trading post built in 1679 where the nearby St. Joseph River meets Lake Michigan. Its founding members first met to share a common interest in our communities’ pasts, but it has evolved into a passionate commitment to preserve our area’s history and create new memories for individuals and families that will continue our story into the future.

The Heritage Museum